Monday, July 6, 2009

I tried.

I tried to impress you,
and make you happy.

So I wrote a song,
that made everyone laugh
and clap their hands.
and I went backstage, and had a rootbeer
because i felt accomplished.

But when that was done
i wrote a new song
and it was more of a revenge song
that made everyone clap
and say "good job"
but you werent there
so i went backstage
and got drunk
because i felt alone.

When revenge songs were done
i wrote a new song
it was long and sad
and it made people clap
and put their lighters in the air.
so i went backstage
and i smoked some pot
because your lighter wasn't there.

When people were done clapping
and all the lighters were gone
i decided, to write
one last
goodbye song.
So i wrote it in blood
when i cut both my wrists
and it made the people cry
and it made your stomach twist.

And it rained on the day
when they buried me in the ground
and not even all the people there
could have drowned the silent sound

from you not being there.