Thursday, July 22, 2010

Natural Reactions.

The blood pumps
to flush the face and ears
and neck
turn it red
betray the body
For fury
for pain..
The bodys betrayl
the enemies gain.
Eyes will water
and spill over the lids
bite your tounge so as not to scream
so as to be silent
and blend in with the walls
and somehow
the silence betrays you
[are you okay?]
and the tears will spill
and words will be choked on.
All you wanted
was to be left alone
in your greif
[nothings wrong.]

Go away.
Alone in your room
the silence presses in on you
as you hold it in
and maybe if you
hold it long enough
it will go away
or be compacted
building up inside
like building blocks
for a bomb.


Bitter Bitter

Have you ever
bitten into an apple
just to find it doesn't
taste right?
Something that looked
so sweet..
so bitter.
And you're
revolted by it
discusted by it
saddened by it
Because that apple
was supposed to be
your friend.
Your Boyfriend.
And somehow
the words they say
don't comfort you
but break you up
and peel your skin
and before you know it
you're the apple.

And they've already cut in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Listen to Why?- Fatalist Palmistry while reading.

Sometimes when you look at the helps you. Theres some kind of healing affect about being clean. Having everything bad washed away. Maybe because its Gods rain. Maybe because it just comes from the sky.

Either way..


One time there was a seed that was planted in the ground. From that seed grew something beautiful that shined down upon everything. Its magnificence outshined everything, and somehow that was okay. Then one day the great thing died.


Because you killed it.

Not you?
Did you try to stop it from dying?

But you can help it grow again.

Plant the Seed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Grandma always told me to turn the light on.

Have you ever looked in the rearview mirror and wondered what you were missing when you left it all behind?
Did you ever wonder if you were trying to push the pull, or walk out the in? Did you ever turn to every station in your car searching for the crackle just so you could hear the sound of your broken mind trying to mend itself? Did you ever cry about a character in a book or a movie, and find in real life you're numb and the tears don't come? That the only place left is fantasy, where anything can happen, where peope forgive and forget and have control over what happens to them?
Did you ever find that when you want to be found, you're lost?
Or when you've been found, and now its too late?
Did you ever wonder what it would be like if it were too late?

Did you?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Time No See

Haven't been on here for a while.. i guess over a year.

so much has changed...

You know, i think i'm going to start a "What if" Blog.

Because that would be really cool i think.

1. What if animals could talk and humans barked?
2. What if there are faeries?
3. What if instead of us cutting the rainforest down, they started cutting us down?
4. What if were cutting ourselves down?
5. What if we didn't hurt eachother so much?

Feel free to reply to any of these with what you think. :D