Sunday, May 12, 2013

I really did
Appreciate it
When you carried
My books that day
Even though
I had
A million pounds
Worth of
Books to

Sunday, May 5, 2013

9/25/10 11:36 am, 16 years old

My pens running out of ink. I watched this movie earlier about how the drinking water was infected with a virus that ate the flesh. There was no cure. Sometimes I wonder about these things. My dad yelled at me because I didn't close the door when I blow dried my hair. Told me to have a little compassion for the other people in the house. But it's my new DVD he's watching and Jenaes watching, instead of doing her homework. And I feel like I shouldn't feel guilty about spending my money. I want to get out of here. Zack says that even if you're different, there are still 6,000 other people like you. I'd like to meet them. I'm sure they'd like to meet me. Or maybe they wouldn't. It's hard to tell with these things. Sometimes I think about how nervous I get when I sing and sometimes about how even teachers say I'm terrible. And sometimes I wonder if there really is a flesh eating disease. Except it's not in the water. Its in the people, and what the people say eats you alive inside. You just have to choose if you want to drink or not. I don't want to drink.

But I'm thirsty.