Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Conclusion of Frustration.

Its snowing.

I walked along the breezy white
looked up to see the sun
but it was night.

The flakes of snow
drifted from the sky
Then i wondered why i'm here
and started to cry.

Taking a picture of the graceful
I plan to post it with a blog.

A mystery of the darkness

Fuck. I cant write worth shit.

This poem sucks and so does my life. Ever since i was little, i've wanted to be a writer, and photographer. But no, i cant write one fucking poem.

Anger rushes over me, into me
My desire to rip the paper to shreads
freaks into the pit of my stomach
and engulfs the emptiness of my incompetent being.

I am useless.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

God Accepts the Willing.


What is religion?
Dont we all have the
same belief in the end?

Hated because i'm different.
Hate it because i'm wanted
to be the same.

Not accepted
because of
one belief.

Does it always mean

Am i really unworthy?

I've worked my whole life to be
Done my best to be the person
I am.

I shouldn't have to change.

I cant.

I wont.

Its like being black and
walking into a room of whites.
They dont even give a chance
to look past the color
before their eyes turn red
with Hatred.

Whats the point of escaping
to Freedom,

If no one accepts you?

but not


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I feel about ready to
i feel about ready to
i feel about ready to
cut my skin
wide open.

Nothing is going to get better.

Life here is hell. And its not just because of the temperature either.

The lonley i feel right now.
Its one of my lowliest lows.
I'm gliding on black glass
waiting for my life to crash
not wanting to live anymore.

I've been living life so numb.
the cold doesn't touch me
the heat doesn't burn.

I heal the sick.
But their sadness fills me
along with a yearn

For Happiness.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sister Dearest.

My sister lives in a virtual world.
Spaced out
made up
pixel perfect
homepage life.

That shes created to escape her real one.

Hooked on
drugged on
drunk on
internet & texting.

Selfish her.
Burns her money up on
Getting drunk
Getting High
Getting laid.

While were here.
so poor,
we can barley afford the air we breathe.

my my.
Sister Selfish.
Mom trys to get her
to pay rent for living here.
But its free food.
Free internet.
Free housage.
All she has to pay for is her
to come home drunk
and stoned.

She still manages to be broke.

And they think i'm the crazy one.

A while ago i wrote this.

She lies awake

snaps a photo

pictures great.

Sisters home

probably stoned.

knocks on the door

falls to the floor.d

Call for help

no ones home.

What do you do

when you're all


Ambulance comes


third time this month

time and again.

Mom comes home

from her hospital bed.








or maybe

Shes Dead.