Saturday, December 6, 2008

Truth Be Told..

Called down to the office
panic in my throat.
What did i do?

Relief fills me.
I'm so happy

theres no punishment.

But what the hell?
crushes me
Grinds my bones up

How can you assume such a thing?
[how can they not?]
I'm here aren't I?
[in a sense]
Still Alive?

But i leave the office
They trust me so
My smooth words,
and sly laughter
have tricked their minds

so they let it go.

As i close the door
relief should fill me
[anger even]
but i'm just a little sad
because through the lies
[anger, desperation, tears..]

There was truth.

So observe my wrist
read into my eyes
and notice my ribs
They're all in disguise.

The only things they'll prove
is that you're
for my


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