Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I look at the old
wall postings
the old

A sick feeling churns
in the pit of my stomach.
A guilty,

I shouldn't be reading this
But i deserve to know!

Dont I...?

I was used.
[you forgave him]
It still hurts.
[only when you look at the past]
He says he loves me
[he does]
You dont deserve him.
[thats a definite.]
He wants to be with me forever
[do you?]
I love him.
[you're lying.]
I know
[so why..?]
I dont know.
[you'll hurt him]
He'll be hurt either way.
[save him a day.]
I should.
[you wont]
I cant.
[you must]
I will.

Not today.

(end of conversation.)

1 comment:

Ash said...

ha. I love this one. :)
Sorry. I know. Not supposed to be a smiling post. But really, it was really good. Really creative. And I loved it.
But I'd like to know... what exactly happened here?