Thursday, July 22, 2010

Natural Reactions.

The blood pumps
to flush the face and ears
and neck
turn it red
betray the body
For fury
for pain..
The bodys betrayl
the enemies gain.
Eyes will water
and spill over the lids
bite your tounge so as not to scream
so as to be silent
and blend in with the walls
and somehow
the silence betrays you
[are you okay?]
and the tears will spill
and words will be choked on.
All you wanted
was to be left alone
in your greif
[nothings wrong.]

Go away.
Alone in your room
the silence presses in on you
as you hold it in
and maybe if you
hold it long enough
it will go away
or be compacted
building up inside
like building blocks
for a bomb.


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