Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Horrible Feeling..

Did you ever feel empty inside?

Really Empty? As if you just got done watching a movie, and the credits are rolling--but the emotion from the last scene still lingers in the air. And the movie is really disturbing, and you don't know why but it affects you somehow. Like from something from your childhood, where something terrible happened to you to make you not feel anything anymore.  And I want to ask you if you were molested. But I don't think you were. I know you weren't. You're just cold. And then I wonder if I'm just asking myself. When I know I wasn't either.

But the last scene from the movie still lingers in the air, and nothing could drown out or fit into this empty space. The essence of it is pure feeling, gasping for air in a glass jar, with the lid on tight, building pressure, but never to break.

And I wonder when someone will get the idea to break the silence and release this secret for what it really is.

I wonder if I'll ever open my own jar of secrets

But I know I'll be trapped in the glass forever.

Love Always,


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