Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Paradise.

If I were alone, I'd open all the windows, and walk around naked, in just my bra and underwear.
I'd live in a small house, with a bright garden, where I'd sit and drink tea in the morning, with hot chocolate. Eat cake and oranges for breakfast. And here, the birds are always chirping, the sun is always shining, and there's a slight breeze that rustles the trees and flowers overhead. I am secluded from the world here. this is my world here. I am so at peace because there is nothing to worry about. And I don't need anyone here. The sun fills me up in a way that makes me not think. That takes away my questions, and my worry. I don't have to worry about if I'm failing here. I sit in a dress with my hair down, and a flower behind my ear and It is paradise.

With birds chirping I sit and let the sun warm my skin and I am nothing, made in to everything.

And it is Paradise.

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Paul said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely place...