Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alas! A Happy Post!!!

Love Is black and White.

And then I realized-LIFE is black and white.

Either do what you want, or don't do what you want.
Live with regrets, or don't live with regrets.
Live your life to the fullest, or spend it not living at all.

I had a fire in me once and it blew out. I was alive, I was broken, and now I'm trying to pick up the pieces. Its fucking hard, it fucking hurts, but its ok. Its life. And it will happen. I'm doing the best I can and its just wonderful to think I can actually find me again. To think I have actually found me again. No more asking peoples advice, no more listening to others advice-I do things my way and thats the best way.
I can't waste my life away on something that was never meant to be
I'll find my happiness through pain
even if pain was all I was meant to see...

I will try to forgive the ones that hurt me so I can be at peace. Some days I do, some days its harder than others. But one day, it will happen.

Be happy. <3 br="br"> Love,


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