Thursday, September 27, 2012

Promises lies promises lies...they're all the same..

I had a dream last night, where my grandma died again, and she was dissapointed in me.
And you were there, leaving me again.
And we were working it out, and half accomplishing it, and you answered my questions that I asked. And before we resolved it, I woke up.

And I wish I had stayed sleeping, just so I could have at least had peace in dreams. But even there Grandmas die, and even there people leave me. But at least you were talking to me. I had that.

And its so sad, that as I lay here half-asleep, with my eyes and mind basically still closed, with everything I have of us erased and no way of contacting you on my phone, that with tired eyes and tired everything; my heart has memorized what hurts it the most. It cannot forget how to find its way back to you.
No matter how many times I erase it, no matter how many times I press delete, or block, it won't go away.

How do you erase something that you love?

And I'm only afraid the answer is You Can't.
You can't.

So how did you?

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