Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Just Work on You Girl"

I want someone to tell me the answers.
I want someone to tell me if I should move on, if I should wait, if I should give up entirely.
I want to know if I should stop talking, and wait for him to come back, or if I should message every night and wait for a response.
If I should let go of my love, or hold on to it entirely.
I don't know if I stop trying, will I lose him?
I wish I could know if there was a chance.
And by chance, I mean that I wish I could know if our future will happen.

One side of me is strong and the other side of me is weak.
One tells me to move on-
The other says its a mistake.

And then I realize, like I have before-
No one is going to give me all the answers.
And no one is going to give me the answer I'm looking for.

And the only answer thats right, The only answer that takes no sides, thats not advice, but is cleanly and purely just an answer-making it the answer, to every question. Be at peace, be right, do what you have to. I'll try to find myself, I will. I'll try to do a lot of things I've been trying to do lately. I could ask a million questions.

This blog started off as "I want I want I want."
And now, by the end, its past tense. Its "Wanted."

And I feel so much better now. Now that I remember again what I'm actually living for. And you can too. There is only one answer. Don't fuck it up.

Be happy.

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