Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For Louis-My Dear Friend.

You have told me how many times
You have put the gun up to your head
and How I will never understand
What its like to be
Truly Alone
A real Piece of shit.

You call me a liar,
for speaking of love
instead of hate,
and say you want to give up
because you have no one
and everyone has left you.

And yet I stand by your side
and tell you I've nothing to hide
I am not a liar
I do not do this for pride.

And you tell me you hate me
for telling you to fight
 Tell me I don't understand
That giving you false hope isn't right.

But I'm not giving you false hope
as I have never left
And I cannot despise you
when all you need is love
You're pushing me away
because of what Was.

And You tell me I don't get it
Tell me I don't understand
Asking God to save you
But look at where I stand.

You've told me how many times
You've put the Gun to your head.
But you never asked
how many times
I put the Gun to mine.

And theres a Bullet in the chamber
And you take One last deep breathe
Before you pull the trigger
Because you have nothing left.

And you ask me why I stay,
ask me what I do.
It doesn't make any sense at all
Because you think I don't understand you.

But I understand more than you Know
But I don't let it take me away.
I've learned that love is everything
And It always triumphs Hate.

So I stand between the Gun
And what you want to do.
Because I'd rather you Kill me.

Then watch as Life Kills You.

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